Prospect Development Expertise.
New Clients Delivered.

Reputation i empowers B2B marketers to significantly
increase new business by implementing a proven Prospect
Engagement methodology created and refined with
documented success over the past 11 years

Prospect Engagement Methodology

Our locally outsourced (U.S. based) methodology allows B2B marketers to:


  • Engage with, and win, new clients
  • Create and Grow a qualitative prospect Pipeline
  • Create real Engagements, not Leads
  • Learn the Anatomy of your Prospect
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Focus on selling not prospecting (we do that part)
  • Increase revenue quarter-by-quarter, year-by-year

Why is finding new business so difficult?

There are lots of pieces to the puzzle:

Your pitch, your demo, your target market, etc. are all very important…. but the first step in the process is building a quality prospect pipeline daily, weekly and monthly.

Attention to your pipeline is an absolute must and needs to be an ongoing priority.

Selling vs. Prospecting

Reputation i handles all pieces of your sales prospecting effort, leaving your salespeople to SELL not prospect*
*A recent study concluded senior salespeople spend 77% of their time prospecting instead of actually selling

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